Natural Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety affects around 40 million adults in the United States, and in Canada, about 5% of the population is affected. Unfortunately, anxiety is becoming more and more common, with many of those suffering not seeking treatment. There are many natural ways to help deal with anxiety that can be used alone, or in conjunction withContinue reading “Natural Ways to Deal with Anxiety”

Treat Yourself The Way You Want to Be Treated By Others

Recently, I had 5 or 6 tasks I decided I should complete during my day (this was a self-imposed deadline) and instead only got through half of them. I was feeling pretty disappointed about this low completion rate and caught myself coming down pretty hard…on myself. I was creating a toxic work environment on myContinue reading “Treat Yourself The Way You Want to Be Treated By Others”

How To Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season can start as early as October and last until as late as April  (of course this depends where you live). During this time there is minimal daylight and even then the sun, can be hidden behind clouds – plus it’s cold! Not only are we more susceptible to getting sick butContinue reading “How To Boost Your Immune System”

Your Essential Winter Hiking Tips

Hiking is an exceptional form of exercise (especially if you’re looking for something that is low impact), does wonders for your mental health and is a pleasant bonding activity for pairs, groups or families. You can learn more about the benefits of hiking here! Hiking is particularly popular in the warmer months but there isContinue reading “Your Essential Winter Hiking Tips”

Rutabaga Stew

Often overlooked, rutabagas are a delicious and versatile root vegetable. Let’s be honest, there is so much to love about them! Anything a potato can do, a rutabaga can do better – we’re talking fries, we’re talking mashed, we’re talking roasted! This rutabaga stew is candida diet friendly, nightshade free, vegan and gluten free. It’sContinue reading “Rutabaga Stew”