Natural Ways to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety affects around 40 million adults in the United States, and in Canada, about 5% of the population is affected. Unfortunately, anxiety is becoming more and more common, with many of those suffering not seeking treatment. There are many natural ways to help deal with anxiety that can be used alone, or in conjunction withContinue reading “Natural Ways to Deal with Anxiety”

4 Things to Consider Before Taking A Supplement

Everywhere you look these days, there is some new article telling you which minerals to supplement, a new company claiming to provide the perfect supplement cocktail tailored to your specific needs or your friends are raving about this new vitamin they can’t get enough of. But should you also be jumping on this supplement train?Continue reading “4 Things to Consider Before Taking A Supplement”

Your Digestion Cheat Sheet

There are a lot of buzzwords swirling around digestion and it can feel a little overwhelming at first to navigate. Are probiotics and prebiotics the same thing? Is fibre really that important? What are these digestive juices I keep hearing about? Let’s find out… Probiotics Our bodies are full of bacteria and yeasts, some good,Continue reading “Your Digestion Cheat Sheet”

Why Is Digestion So Important?

At this point you have probably been hearing about digestion just about everywhere – but is it truly something we should be spending so much time thinking about? Digestion actually begins in your mouth and not only includes your stomach and intestines, but your esophagus, liver, gallbladder and pancreas also contribute. Various digestive juices allowContinue reading “Why Is Digestion So Important?”