What is the Plant-Based Diet?

Every corner you turn, people seem to be talking about plant-based diets. It has become a popular term that every other trainer, athlete and Netflix documentary is throwing this term around. This has created some confusion around what a plant-based diet actually is and a lot of questions. Does eating plant-based mean you only eatContinue reading “What is the Plant-Based Diet?”

What Is Holistic Nutrition?

Imagine being able to take back control of how you feel every day, both physically and emotionally. Sounds pretty good, right? This may sound unrealistic but nourishing your body with what it needs to function can be life changing! Holistic nutrition consists of 3 main pillars; mind, body and spirit. It also looks at allContinue reading “What Is Holistic Nutrition?”

How to Survive A Vacation On A Strict Diet

Going away for the weekend with friends, getting invited to a cottage or a vacation property is one of the great perks in life – but it can obviously create some anxiety if you are on a diet, protocol or have dietary restrictions that your friends and/or family don’t share. An easy solution is toContinue reading “How to Survive A Vacation On A Strict Diet”

What To Drink If You’re Ditching Caffeine

Raise your hand if you start your day with a coffee. Does the promise of your first coffee of the day get you out of bed? Does the smell of coffee excite you? Are you moody when you don’t have some? Join the club! As wonderful as coffee is, there are some downsides. Coffee canContinue reading “What To Drink If You’re Ditching Caffeine”

Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?

Natural deodorants and deodorant alternatives have been around for ages but have definitely been gaining popularity in the past few years. There are many reasons you might choose to switch to a natural deodorant, ranging from skin sensitivity, to concerns about ingredients. A common complaint though is that natural deodorants don’t work! Let’s explore someContinue reading “Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?”

The Secret To Strong and Healthy Nails

Vitamins and minerals may not be top of mind when you first start thinking about nail health – but guess what, they do play a role! Along with a healthy diet, full of vitamins and minerals, switching up your nail care routine with these simple tips can make a world of difference for your nails.Continue reading “The Secret To Strong and Healthy Nails”

One Day Candida Meal Plan

I have spent several years researching candida protocols and my biggest takeaway is that there is a lot of confusion surrounding what you can and cannot eat. Every protocol has a slight variation and it leaves a lot of people feeling uncertain about what they can and cannot eat. When selecting a candida protocol toContinue reading “One Day Candida Meal Plan”

Anti-Candida Diet: Tips and Tricks

Having a candida overgrowth is pretty brutal but in all honesty, getting rid of it is even harder. I had attempted to eradicate candida through several times, and after several brief successes, followed by failures – my third time was the charm. There is no shame in “failing”, if anything my first attempts allowed meContinue reading “Anti-Candida Diet: Tips and Tricks”