What is the Plant-Based Diet?

Every corner you turn, people seem to be talking about plant-based diets. It has become a popular term that every other trainer, athlete and Netflix documentary is throwing this term around. This has created some confusion around what a plant-based diet actually is and a lot of questions. Does eating plant-based mean you only eatContinue reading “What is the Plant-Based Diet?”

What Is Holistic Nutrition?

Imagine being able to take back control of how you feel every day, both physically and emotionally. Sounds pretty good, right? This may sound unrealistic but nourishing your body with what it needs to function can be life changing! Holistic nutrition consists of 3 main pillars; mind, body and spirit. It also looks at allContinue reading “What Is Holistic Nutrition?”

Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?

Natural deodorants and deodorant alternatives have been around for ages but have definitely been gaining popularity in the past few years. There are many reasons you might choose to switch to a natural deodorant, ranging from skin sensitivity, to concerns about ingredients. A common complaint though is that natural deodorants don’t work! Let’s explore someContinue reading “Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?”

The Secret To Strong and Healthy Nails

Vitamins and minerals may not be top of mind when you first start thinking about nail health – but guess what, they do play a role! Along with a healthy diet, full of vitamins and minerals, switching up your nail care routine with these simple tips can make a world of difference for your nails.Continue reading “The Secret To Strong and Healthy Nails”

One Day Candida Meal Plan

I have spent several years researching candida protocols and my biggest takeaway is that there is a lot of confusion surrounding what you can and cannot eat. Every protocol has a slight variation and it leaves a lot of people feeling uncertain about what they can and cannot eat. When selecting a candida protocol toContinue reading “One Day Candida Meal Plan”

Cranberry Breakfast Smoothie

This smoothie is a great way to start your day. It is filling, delicious and full of nutrients to nourish your body and give you energy. What else can you ask for? To add in a punch of green to your breakfast, the recipe calls for spinach but you could use kale – or ifContinue reading “Cranberry Breakfast Smoothie”

DIY Mosquito Repellant

There is nothing worse than having unwanted guests show up on your camping trip or weekend at the cottage, particularly when those guests are mosquitoes. While every store carries conventional bug repellent and mosquito spray, you can also easily make your own in under 5 minutes.  Why Use Homemade or Natural Bug Repellant? The mainContinue reading “DIY Mosquito Repellant”

The Importance of Iron

Feeling tired? Or maybe experiencing cold hands and feet? Believe it or not, those symptoms could actually be related to your Iron levels! Iron is an important mineral that helps your body make hemoglobin (which helps transport oxygen throughout your body). Pretty vital, right? In addition to assisting with the production of hemoglobin, Iron alsoContinue reading “The Importance of Iron”

Got Calcium?

When you think about calcium, the first thing that pops to mind is probably “milk” (possibly even the “Got Milk” campaign with celebrity milk mustaches) – after that, one usually connects calcium to strong bones. Of course milk is a source of calcium and it does indeed help build strong bones and teeth – butContinue reading “Got Calcium?”