The Importance of Iron

Feeling tired? Or maybe experiencing cold hands and feet? Believe it or not, those symptoms could actually be related to your Iron levels! Iron is an important mineral that helps your body make hemoglobin (which helps transport oxygen throughout your body). Pretty vital, right? In addition to assisting with the production of hemoglobin, Iron alsoContinue reading “The Importance of Iron”

Got Calcium?

When you think about calcium, the first thing that pops to mind is probably “milk” (possibly even the “Got Milk” campaign with celebrity milk mustaches) – after that, one usually connects calcium to strong bones. Of course milk is a source of calcium and it does indeed help build strong bones and teeth – butContinue reading “Got Calcium?”


Magnesium is a super mineral that is involved in a variety of body functions. It helps build bones, maintain a healthy immune system, as well as heart health. Trouble sleeping? Magnesium. Constipation? Magnesium. Stress and anxiety? Magnesium! Unfortunately, magnesium deficiency is seldom tested for, so it can be common – in fact, craving dark chocolateContinue reading “Magnesium”