Are B Vitamins Really THAT Complex?

You may have already heard of “B Complex” but did you know there are 8 B vitamins that make up this family? All contribute to your health in different ways, including healthy skin and hair maintenance. These water soluble vitamins cannot be stored by your body for very long, so it is important to beContinue reading “Are B Vitamins Really THAT Complex?”

Do Carrots Actually Improve Your Eyesight?

A carrot a day keeps the optometrist away? Not exactly, but Vitamin A does support vision, as well as healthy tissue growth. This powerful antioxidant also promotes healthy immune function and let’s be honest, we could all use a little boost now and then. Let’s dive a little deeper into this vitamin. Types: Vitamin AContinue reading “Do Carrots Actually Improve Your Eyesight?”

Is The Food Combining Diet For You?

When it comes to holistic nutrition and digestion, one principle you may keep hearing about is “proper food combining” – but is it a realistic dietary choice? The principles of food combining stem from the fact that our bodies digest different foods at different speeds and therefore improperly combining certain foods can lead to disruptedContinue reading “Is The Food Combining Diet For You?”